Otanikisaku shouten

A Producer Which Persists in Producing Takaoka doki (Takaoka copperware) Founded in 1939 in Takaoka
“Otani Kisaku Shouten Co. Ltd.”which was founded in 1939. It is a brand that produces and deals with casting products of various metalic fine arts and crafts including " Takaoka doki (Takaoka copperware)" which is one of the traditional crafts representing Japan in "Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture", a town that was established over 400 years.
Thanks to an adivisory supervision by a sculptor, Mr. Sotaro Saegusa, the products which can get along with daily lives unselfconsciously such as figures of the traditional Chinese 12-animal zodiac, the incense burner & incense holder, or any other various fine arts are lined-up.
Every product of Otani Kisaku Shoten is wholly processed by the craftsmen from the casting to finishing and coloring in
order to be commercialized.
It deals mostly products of Takaoka tekki (Takaoka ironware) which is the origin of Takaoka doki (Takaoka copperware).
And the iron casting which is produced out by a traditional technique called sand mold casting may make us feel heavy
weight and the deeply tastful texture which is come along
with the foundry sand.