REAL JAPAN PROJECT is established in 2009 and since then, we have been creating "New Value" for traditional Japanese crafts and local industries through our business which is wholesale, PR, Sales, Marketing and provide consultancy.

Offer Japan's manufacturing more familiar and keep on doing that toward the future.

Whether or not each manufacturing site is vivid can be conveyed to consumers through products. Such energetic products must attract people automatically.
We, Real Japan Project would like to develop the enthusiastic passions of the manufacturers so as to fit it to the modern world and become a presence to encourage the manufacturing sites of Japan.

We started our business since 2009 based on the idea of " Offer Japan's manufacturing more familiar” After that, we have been visiting manufacturing sites all over Japan and supporting business and sales strategies including products development, business promotions and sales channels development together with our clients.
We believe that any flexible innovations getting along with era to era including products development utilizing creative powers that just fit to this time being, comprehensive branding that can differentiate products from the other variety of products, business promotions that make full use of various medias and active participations in exhibitions can be essence in order to preserve the traditions.

We, Real Japan Project, are desiring to inherit the manufacturing essence to the future assimilating the modern essence into the knowhow in the past and further brushing up the assimilation.